Welcome to PYA

Pakistan Youth Alliance started in the wake of the 2007 Emergency Rule, initially organized many youth protests Internationally against tyranny and oppression. It came into being when a group of similar-minded youth became fed up with watching the TV screens and dreamt to live the change instead of just proposing it. PYA is the brainchild of Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi. Maryam Kanwar was one of the founding members. Its core objective is to create mass socio-political awareness amongst the youth of Pakistan and to channelize their energies in an organized manner to yield actual and practical output that can serve Pakistan. It yearns to bring actionable change in these troubling times of Pakistan!

The Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) is a youth-led, youth-focused organization that was originally organized to support Pakistan’s independent judiciary in their fight against Musharraf.

The Pakistan Youth Alliance has now expanded its mandate to advance Pakistan’s political and socio-economic standing on the world stage.  Members of PYA will also be encouraged to engage with local politics regardless of whether or not they are involved with the Pakistan Youth Alliance.  This is so that members can help ensure proper representation of Pakistanis globally regardless of how active they are within the Pakistan Youth Alliance. Membership is free for all Pakistanis living around the world regardless of age, sex, sect, ethnicity, social background religion etcetera.