Relief and Rehabilitation


PYA has reached out to over 95,000 families with material relief. Disaster relief includes natural and man-made disasters such as wars and terrorist incidents. Rehabilitation campaigns post-disaster relief which includes renovation, rebuilding and psychological help of victims

  • Flood Relief: One of the biggest campaigns of PYA include relief of victims of floods in KPK, Sindh, Balochistan and South Punjab in 2010, 2011 and 2014. We have made over 60 direct deliveries to victims in all provinces of Pakistan. The campaign has been acknowledge by international media and at UN Headquarters
  • Earthquake Reief: Earthquake relief initiatives includes instant help for victims of Balochistan & Kashmir
  • Rebuilding and Renovation of schools, libraries and computer labs, houses: Post emergency relief, PYA engages in long term rehabilitation of communities by rebuilding community centers, schools, libraries and houses.
  • Swat War IDP Disaster Relief: In the wake of Taliban taking over Swat and military operation that followed, PYA reached out to Internally Displaced Persons in a series of 13 deliveries to the victims , arranged for medical camps and instant relief aid.
  • Tirah Valley Relief: In the wake of war in Tirah Valley, PYA helped victims of Tirah Valley insurgency by making 03 deliveries to the victims
  • North Waziristan Relief: PYA is one of the few organoziations who provided material relief to IDP’s of NWA military operation by hand in the NWA.
  • Relief of Victims of Terrorist Incidents: PYA has provided and facilitated material relief of victims of terrorist incidents such as Abbas Town Blast, Meena Bazar Blast, Hazara Town tragedy, Badami Bagh and more. This includes medical and financial relief of victims