Pakistan Youth Alliance is the proud pioneer of non-politically aligned youth activism in Pakistan. Having a history which starts from November 2007 – P Y A has been everywhere and have done over 50 events countrywide and abroad. The source of inspiration for P Y A team are the volunteers, who instead of watching the TV Screens are doing something for Pakistan in practical form. P Y A has not only organized massive protests/vigils/walks to create political awareness amongst the youth but also, managed to deliver material help to over 5000 families during Swat IDP Crisis and other general social service campaigns.


PAKISTAN YOUTH ALLIANCE is a youth-based, youth administered, and youth motivated organization which aims to:

  • Unite the youth of Pakistan, irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, caste, race or language, on an unbiased platform through which they could contribute in nation building processes in their limited capabilities
  • Create political and social awareness amongst the youth of Pakistan
  • Provide a platform to the youth through which, they can raise their voices against injustice, exploitation and other social ills of our society.
  • Engage youth in constructive and healthy activities through which their positive energies are synergized.
  • Enlightening the youth to feel responsible for this country and prepare them for future leadership tasks.
  • Protest against any stance taken by any authority to destabilize Pakistan or hurt the national integrity
  • Spread the message of enlightenment, hope, responsibility and patriotism to masses through unconventional but effective mediums like music, poetry, prose and art.
  • Create a spark in the youth of our nation by a variety of inspirational events like conferences, seminars, panel discussions, art exhibition, concerts, debates and peaceful protests.
  • Indulge youth in social welfare activities through fund-raising for those affected by national disasters, war or political instabilities.
  • Bridge gaps between youth studying in different universities\colleges and bringing them together to form a collaborative force.
  • Refine the positive attributes of youth and prepare them for challenging tasks ahead when they enter the system.