Youths of Pakistan shall take us ahead!

by admin on February 2, 2010

Childhood itself describes the conception of responsibility, loyalty, and liberty. The journey from childhood to youth is so much imaginative that one embraces spirit, vigor, and aspiration. The golden era of youth expands the sense of aggressiveness and productiveness. One may enjoy the highest degree of self-reliance through determination and devotion. Professionalism contributes toward personality development and inculcates the spirit of service. The end result of the whole long endeavor appears in the occurrence of marvelous achievements. Thus, the dreams come true.
One may believe that the youth of Pakistan today is imaginative, more enthusiastic, and able to contribute toward the reconstruction of our country – Pakistan. We see the fervor, passion, and dedication among today’s youth of Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan is quite visible through their talent, vigor, and energy for doing their mite for Pakistan.
The youth of Pakistan today experiences remarkable examples of progress and momentum, and we have plenty of practical success stories already. Ali Moen Nawazish made a world record by bagging “21” A Grades in the A-Levels examination. Likewise, Ammar Afzal made a world record in winning a software course. Flying Officer Hina Tahir made a record by being the First Female Fighter Pilot in the Pakistan Air force.
We also see today our scientists relentlessly working and testing advanced technologies that provide an exemplary track in order to bring awareness to the minds of the youth of Pakistan. Getting motivation from all these, today’s youth of Pakistan will move forward in such a direction that gives hope for a brighter and better Pakistan in the future.
There is a well-known quote “TODAY’S YOUTH, TOMORROW’S LEADERS”. Our youth today is moving forward in a direction, which gives fortune for a shining star. This is a matter of great pride to mention that the youth of Pakistan today is on the way to exploring their destiny and has the capacity to emerge as the future leaders of our great country.
However, it is also a fact of irony that there are numerous obstacles and impediments, which the youth of Pakistan is facing today. It is also sad to state here that the vast number of youth energies and potentials have never been put to better use.
I think building the overall character of our youth, their quality and knowledge should be the basic agenda. The youth should be involved in our national affairs. We must conduct conferences and workshops where the youths should be offered the opportunity to come out with their vision for a new and progressive Pakistan.
We must benefit from the teachings of both poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal and our great leader Quai-e-Azam. Allama Iqbal has shown the way to our youths via his vision of poetry and the Quaid has done so by his foresight in his various speeches to the nation. Allama Iqbal symbolized the youths with Falcon and has given them the inspiration to have their own vision, the flight, the character, and the attitude to that of a Falcon.
I hope and pray the youths of Pakistan are able to rise up to the occasion and bring about a turnaround for our great country – Pakistan.
Finally, I would like to draw the attention of all our youth to the following poetry lines of Allama Iqbal to draw some inspiration and motivation and come out in full force for taking the country out of this morass that we, unfortunately, find ourselves in today.
Allama Iqbal’s poem, entitled “Advice” (again by an eagle to its young one), is found in Bāl i Jibrīl, p. 412.
The eagle said to its youngster:
May the heights of the lofty sky be easy your wings
Youth means burning in one’s own blood
It is hard work that turns life’s bitter into sweet
The delight of swooping on the pigeon, my son
Is perhaps not found in the pigeon’s blood itself